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Holistic Metaphysical Counseling

 We utilize multicultural techniques and philosophies that will help you realize the obstacles in your life and teach you how to reduce and overcome your attachment to them. This will help reduce your mental and physical stress and help bring you to a place of balance which will bring you greater ease and a more beneficial mindset that will help you overcome your suffering.   


     Holistic: A healing approach that aims to treat the whole person such as pertaining to the mind, body and soul and/or spirit.


     Metaphysical: Beyond the physical, usually in reference to the mind, (in some cultures a collection of beliefs about esoteric philosophies pertaining to how physical things communicate and relate to all other systems in the all realms of existence.


     Holistic Metaphysical Counseling is a new approach to an age old collective system of techniques, from Buddhism, Taoism, Hermetic Philosophies, Gestalt Psychology and meditative practices.

     The goal of Holistic Metaphysical Healing is not to focus solely on the ailment or issue but to heal the entire person.

"If you are not at ease in the mind, it will present itself as disease in the body." The Buddha

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