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Educated & Experienced Holistic Health Advisors


Diane J. Newberry
B.S. in Human Ecology from
Ohio State University with a focus in Human Development and Family/Life Sciences.
A lifetime of training and education in Herbalism,
Holistic Health Healing Arts, Yoga, Meditation,
Psychic Advising and
the philosophies of the
Esoteric Arts.

Holistic Health Advising
Life Skills Training
Meditative Guidance

 Basic Yoga
Tarot Card Readings
  Astrological Advising



Steven Smith

Educated in Psychology at

Ohio State University.

Trained and educated in the

philosophies of Taoism and Buddhist meditation throughout

his life.

Trained and educated in

Tai Chi & Qi Gong, he is a practitioner and instructs in all these areas.


    Metaphysical  Counseling     

          Tai Chi and Qi Gong                              Remedies                

            Meditative Guidance             

Self Defense

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