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Social, Civic and Financial Counseling

Social and financial counseling is a holistic service that will

help you find balance in areas of your life that we tend to overlook.

With technology and social media encompassing so much of our daily behavior, we have become complacent in our social and financial areas of our lives.

The financial counseling service

is about taking back control

over your finances and

gain a better understanding

of your personal

economic position.

The financial counseling             

consists of developing a

smaller digital trail of your

expenses so you are not

being track or your

purchases aren't being

used by corporations,

especially companies

like google, facebook

and microsoft to be used

for their financial gain

or you becoming their


I will teach you

skills to be smart

about how and where

you spend your money.

Gain knowledge on how

to invest in long term investments.

And you will develop

self reliance and

responsibility for

your finances to live

a simple and frugal



Social counseling is a holistic service that helps you develop or fine tune your social skills in your everyday interactions.

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