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   Holistic Healing



    We use the concepts of nature as a medium for healing the mind, body and soul.

This helps us to create a bridge between the ancient knowledge

and modern theories and practices.

           We provide mind-soul therapies such as Energy healing and talk therapy to help heal mental/psychological and emotional issues. 

           For counseling, we utilizes a combination of multicultural metaphysical philosophies, psychology and science to illustrate the validity of these therapies.


To assist in healing physical issues, we provide therapies that include herbalistic

treatments and pressure point massage therapy.

             For healing the body, we use holistic health knowledge that has been taught to us

by our family and ancestors, continuous education in herbalism

and being practicitioners of all the services we provide.


     You control and manage your healing process and we just facilitate that process in

     a positive, trained and educated way.



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