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Yoga at Home

A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Meet Your Advisors

Diane J. Newberry

Holistic Health Advisor, Psychic Advisor, Life Skills Coach.

Steven Smith

Holistic Mental/Metaphysical Counselor, Qi Gong Practitioner, Tai Chi Instructor, Guided Meditation Instructor, Self Defense Instructor.

Over 30 years of training, education and experience in the holistic, metaphysical, and esoteric philosophies and practices.


What We Specialize In

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Holistic Metaphysical Counseling

Healthy Living

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Social and Financial Advising

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Spiritual Guidance

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 The Journey towards Holistic       Health begins with the Self.

  Begin Your Journey Today.

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Diane J. Newberry: 614-749-8040 /

Steven Smith 740-253-5685 /

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